Birch Aquarium Drain Separation

Contract Amount:

Start / Completion Date:
July 2006 / September 2008

The Birch Aquarium Drain Separation was a $2.6 million renovation project designed to separate storm and sewer water piping throughout the 30,000 square foot facility. The project included demolition and replacement of 90% of all underground storm and sewer piping, and concrete throughout the facility. Pacific Rim Mechanical acted as the prime contractor overseeing the replacement of; steel doors with fiberglass reinforced doors, FRP platform stands for servicing of public display tanks, water filtration skids, life support aquatic filtration skids, ADA hand rails, drywall repairs, painting, epoxy floor finishes, security perimeter fencing, electrical service upgrade, cabinetry, stainless steel counter tops and decorative ceramic tile base. The Birch Aquarium remained operational throughout the duration of the project.