San Diego Zoo, Africa Rocks

Contract Amount:

Start / Completion Date:
February 2016 / November 2017

The Africa rocks exhibit is a 350,000 sq ft project located in the central section of the San Diego Zoo. This exhibit showcases the various animal species in a naturalistic setting with plants and terrain similar to their native environments. Distinctive features include a large waterfall, underwater aquarium viewing,  and eight animal buildings. Scope of work included HVAC, plumbing, process, and life support systems piping, including LSS pumps, ozone generation equipment and piping, heat exchangers, UV sterilizers, protein skimmers, deareation towers, sand and carbon filtration and process controls. Animal buildings consisting of air handlers, chillers, boilers, fan coils, and hepa filtration along with all hydronic piping as well as plumbing for domestic hot and cold water and fixtures.