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Your Personal Information

We value your businessand respect your privacy. We operate a strict opt-in only policy. We will not send you any information unless you have requested it, or unless someone, who we will identify, has requested that we pass that information on to you. At no time will we share, sell, rent or make available in any other way any information you have provided to us or we have collected by tracking your usage of our website.

External Sites

Sometimes we will provide links to external web sites outside of www.www.prmech.com. We rarely control the quality of those external web sitesand provide these links only as a convenience. By providing links to those sites we do not imply that we endorse their usage nor have any control over their policies on privacy or security. We would encourage you to check the privacy statements on those sites.

Questions, Comments

If you have additional questions about these Termsand Conditions, please use the Contact Us form.

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