Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for our Photo Contest.

Congratulations to Jason Steffen for his winning photo of our San Diego Piping Prefab Shop Welding.

1st Runner up is David Arebalo with his photo of an air handler being set at the Neutrogena Project near LAX.

2nd Runner up is Jesse Piazza with his photo of brewery piping and install at the Council Brewing Co. Project in San Diego.

3rd Runner up is Brent Koch with his photo of mechanical platforms and supports ready for HVAC systems at the Illumina Project in La Jolla.

Honorary mention goes out to those photos below. We think they are all great pictures.

Fabian Bernett’s picture of our journeyman checking dimensions of laboratory waste and vent piping at the Crossroads School in Santa Monica.

Dana William’s photo of the crew installing spooled Sheet Metal in maximized sections for speed of installation.

Mike Harper’s photo of the existing slab on grade that is cut for underground plumbing lines at the Gilead Project in Oceanside.

Here are a few more pictures submitted for the contest. They are GREAT!


Get your Cameras ready, the next contest start now…and runs through July 2016